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Photograph of Ben Gammon

Created by Ben Gammon

21st July

To help the player perform multiple tasks related to the game quickly and efficiently.

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  • When to use

    • Use when there are multiple game modes to choose from
    • Use when the game has customisable options
    • Use when the player can load saved progress
    • Use when there are other important options such as news or downloadable content
  • Solution

    • Present a list of clear options for the player
    • Ensure the text is easy to read against any imagery/video background
    • Use a distinct highlight to indicate which menu item is currently selected

Game Examples:

Tap on or hover over an example thumbnail to view the context of the Main Menu, if a screenshot exists.

  • Rocket League

  • Portal 2

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Heroes of the Storm

Technical Details

The main menu should be clear and straightforward. Effort should be made to limit the menu items to as few options as possible.

Always clearly highlight the currently active menu item and ensure that text is legible when displayed over an image or video background.

Avoid switching navigation types between the Main Menu and sub menu. For example, if the Main Menu is a list, the sub menu should also be a list. Switching navigation types between menus will force the player to think more to achieve their task. Don’t make your players have to think.


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