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Saving Screen

Saving screens allow for players to create saves of gameplay states.

Games that include checkpoints may automatically save the game based on the player’s progress or may only allow saves to be made at checkpoints within a level.

Saving StatesGame Save from 13/10/2016Game Save from 10/10/2016Save Slot 3Save Slot 4Save Slot 1Save Slot 3This save slot is currently empty and will notoverwrite any previous progress.
  • When to use

    • Games with a long campaign story or single level that spans several hours or more will need to include access to a saving screen. The save states will allow players to complete the game throughout several sessions.
    • Games that pose difficult challenges to a player may require saving screens to capture snapshots of a gameplay state before the player attempts the challenge.
    • Some games may automatically begin before difficult challenges or when a milestone has been achieved.
  • Solution

    • Most games will allow players to access the saving option or screen via the in-game main menu.
    • Some games will only allow saving at certain locations or checkpoints. For example, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas will allow players to save a game at a property that they have purchased.
    • It is recommended that a save option is labelled and will indicate to the player what actions will proceed. For example, if a save and save with exit option is available, list the exit option as “Save & Exit”.

Game Examples:

Tap on or hover over an example thumbnail to view the context of the Saving Screen, if a screenshot exists.

  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

  • Portal 2

  • Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

  • Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Technical Details

Saving screens are essential for any games which include a progressive level or storyline. It allows players to return to game states from their previous session.

If a player selects to exit a game, it is good practice to suggest saving any progress that may not already have been saved. Players may be under the assumption that a save state will be automatically made if that is not the case then prompt the user to save.

Online games do not include this feature as they serve no purpose. Often online games will be a new experience every time a game is played.


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