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Stamina Bar

Created by Jack Davies

14th June

Stamina bars indicate to the player the amount of stamina remaining until they achieve exhaustion.

Stamina bars have the option to include a unit on which to measure their current stamina in relation to the maximum stamina available.

  • When to use

    • Games that include combat mechanics may want to feed back to the user the current status of the stamina if it has an effect on gameplay mechanics.
    • Stamina may want to be displayed to players in games that require energy for simple or advanced interactions (free running, jumping, etc.).
  • Solution

    • The colour green is often used to represent stamina, this is usually because it represents nature and energy.
    • Icons are optional, although most games that include stamina bars will use icons to draw attention and label the bar with a unit of measurement.
    • It is highly recommended that stamina bars are given units of measurement. This allows players to accurately assess gameplay situations at a glance.

Game Examples:

Tap on or hover over an example thumbnail to view the context of the Stamina Bar, if a screenshot exists.

  • Zelda: Breath of the Wild

  • Skyrim

  • Dark Souls 3

  • Bloodborne

Technical Details

For any games that include mechanics affected by stamina, it is recommended that the stamina bar is displayed at all times of gameplay, or at the very least during situations which would result in exhaustion or loss of stamina.


  • Posted: July 16, 2017 by Valentin Fezza

    “… IT is recommended that the stamina bar…”

    Great resource, each one an interesting read into the underpinnings of UI.

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